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How to share Usb Port All Type Box Dongle Support with Usb Redirector & teamviewer


- USB Redirector supports the connection between Windows 32/64 bit and Linux platforms!
- USB Redirector allows connecting USB devices that are occupied by other clients but not used during the certain time!
- CallBack connection feature, allowing to connect shared USB devices that are placed over NAT in a local network!
- USB Redirector is the only one of its kind because USB Server and USB Client are combined into one software product.
- USB Redirector shares high-speed USB devices(web cameras audio USB devices) over network. It supports a wide range of USB devices.
- USB Redirector does not require to install USB device's driver software on the PC to share it.
- Black List feature. A Remote computer that you placed on the Black List can not connect to your computer as long as you need it!
- Auto-connecting of remote USB devices as soon as they become available for connection.
- Remote control features.
- Auto-replacing of network connection if it is broken.
- Exclusion List. Flexible control of shared USB devices.

- VM ware, Virtual PC, VirtualBox compatible

How to Use and Install


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