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TFT SAMSUNG Module V1.0 Beta Free Download | No Need Activation

TFT SAMSUNG Module V1.0 Beta Free For All Users No Need Activation


What's new in the TFT SAMSUNG Module

Features TFT Samsung Module: SUPPORTED TestPoint ( Qualcomm ) SAMSUNG SM-A115F (A11) SAMSUNG SM-A115M (A11) SAMSUNG SM-A115U1 (A11) SAMSUNG SM-M115F (M11) SAMSUNG SM-A705F (A70) SAMSUNG SM-A015A (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015AZ (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015F (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015G (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015M (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015T (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015T1 (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015U (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015U1 (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A015V (A01) SAMSUNG SM-A025F (A02s) SAMSUNG SM-A025G (A02s) SAMSUNG SM-A025M (A02s) TestPoint ( MediaTek ) SAMSUNG SM-A013F (A01 Core) SAMSUNG SM-A013G (A01 Core) SAMSUNG SM-A022F (A02) SAMSUNG SM-A107F (A10s) SAMSUNG SM-A107M (A10s) SAMSUNG SM-A125F (A12) SAMSUNG SM-A315F (A31) SAMSUNG SM-A315G (A31) SAMSUNG SM-A325F (A32 4G) SAMSUNG SM-A325M (A32 4G) SAMSUNG SM-A326B (Galaxy A32 5G) SAMSUNG SM-A415F (A41) SAMSUNG SM-M013F (M01 Core) SAMSUNG SM-M017F (M01S) SAMSUNG SM-M315F (M31) SAMSUNG WKG-AN00 (Enjoy 20 5G) SUPPORTED FUNCTIONS Factory Reset (Userdata) Read Protection (GPT) Erasing Factory Reset Protection ( FRP ) Download Mode FRP Reset DOWNLOAD MODE SAMSUNG OLD (200) Model Reset password without losing data Download Mode SUPPORTED (30) Model Enable ADB & ROOT Download Mode SUPPORTED (20) Model Services Format Device Enable HW Version Enable Call Record S-Health Knox Fix Disable Anti-Malware Fix Knox Fix System UI Software Fix SoftBrick Fix Hide Developer Options Fix Root CSC / Verify Exit Factory Mode Disable Update System Enable Camera Shutter Root Check Repair Read EFS Reset EFS Repair EFS Wipe EFS Read NV DATA Repair IMEI Restoring Orgenal Imei Original Imei One-Click Unlock SIM Card EMERGENCY CALLS REPAIR (DOWNLOAD MODE EXYNOS CPU) CP/MODEM REPAIR (ADB) BASEBAND REPAIR (DOWNLOAD MODE) BASEBAND REPAIR (ADB)

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